Owner Michael Connelly began the business in 2005. He began trimming trees at the young age of 13 in his own backyard. When he was 16 to about the age of 20 he worked with a local tree service.

In February 2005, Michael started his own business and focused on the local area. The business grew quickly because of the quality of workmanship at a fair price. In March of 2007, Michael was working on a tree and the boom broke due to too much ice on the boom. He fell which left him paralyzed. After months of therapy, Michael decided it wasn’t going to keep him down! Lakeside Tree Service owns the only Grapple Saw Truck in Central Illinois. Michael can run the Grapple Saw remotely, which allows him to continue cutting down trees. “It may change how I get the job done but with a great crew, we can continue to offer the same services,” says Connelly.

Insured & Bonded

Lakeside Tree Service is insured and bonded with Northfield Insurance Company